What a long post title. Also, here's one random mirror selfie because I had no other photos for this post, but I really wanted to write it. 😂  For some reason I love writing about hair. When you have a lot of hair your whole life and most of the time super long, you learn some tips and tricks along the way. And like I always say, beautiful hair truly compliments any look, no matter what your personal style is, or weather you wear makeup or not. Here are some great tips I find really helpful no matter if your hair is long or short.

Brushing before washing

This might sound obvious to you if you do it, but not everybody does and it's truly a life (hair) saver. Especially if you have the type of hair that tangles up easily.

Double conditioning

You don't always find a conditioner that covers all the needs your hair has, so double conditioning comes in handy and is a game changer in conditioning department. I like to first use one, wash it off, than use another, but I guess you can mix them together if you don't have the time to do it separately.

Using a mask every time you wash your hair

In case your hair is a bit more damaged, instead of double conditioning try using a mask and a conditioner every time you wash your hair. It might seem like too much, but I've been doing it for years and it was never too overwhelming for my hair.

Heat protectant

I can't stress this too much, if you are styling your hair with heat, you must protect it every time, or it will fast become very damaged. Unless you have super heat resistant hair, in that case you'll be fine.


You've probably heard it before, but using oils does wonders for your hair. Not just the ones like coconut oil you use on the ends, there's also oils you can use on the scalp, like castor or amla oil.

Tangle teezer

When it comes to brushing, it's always great to get a brush that untangles the hair well. You don't have to get a tangle teezer exactly, you can get a similar brush and it will be just fine.

No bleach before beach

OK, I know this is an obvious one, but if you weren't there on a holiday right after you've gotten highlights, with the Sun bleaching them completely white, you should know. A got tip to follow is to always get your highlights and balayages after beach holidays and super sunny days.

Right colour is your best friend

You know like some people claim that the right hair colour can change your life? I wouldn't be that radical, still the right colour for your skin tone and hair length does drastically effect your appearance. So don't be afraid to try couple of different colours until you find the one that suits you the best.

Go easy on dry shampoo and hair spray

I know, I know, dry shampoo and coffee is pretty much what keeps us going on day to day basis. 😂 Still, dry shampoo (although we all love it) can dry out the scalp and prevent natural oils from going down the hair and nourishing it. Same goes for hair spray, it dries the hair out. I'm not saying to skip on them completely, just try to use them less.

Don't be afraid to change it up

AKA don't be one of those people who wear the same hairstyle their whole life. There's nothing wrong with having a signature look, just don't be trapped into thinking you can't try anything new. Get that haircut you secretly think about, who knows, maybe you'll love it more than your current hairstyle.

Your hair is what you eat

Plain and simple. Like the rest of your body, your hair is heavily influenced by your diet. If you want long healthy hair, make sure to eat a lot of protein and also a lot of minerals and vitamins.

Avoid tight buns and pony tails

I'm the first one to admit I like my hair to be up in a tight hairstyle, nothing like that pony tail mini face lift. The truth is, even when your head is not hurting form the tightens of your updo, it could still be damaging the roots of your hair. Make sure to wear them less, or avoid them completely if you can.