If you are like me, you'll get excited over every new hair thing. Saying new is a bit of a stretch, we've already seen all the popular hair stuff at one point or another. They are so huge right now and it's not like we are kids wearing hair clips, people are knowingly adding them into hairstyles. Long gone are the days of simple hairstyles. I mean, have you seen Ashley Graham's hair for Oscars this year? It was a bun covered with a bunch of little bow hair clips. Even though I stopped watching Oscars couple of years ago, these type of hairstyles makes me want to start again. I remember when it was considered tasteless to over accessorize your hair, I guess that period is also long gone. 

The queen of all the hair accessories is, of course, the headband. Even Blair Waldorf herself has approved it, at least in the first couple of the seasons. But the headband that came back this season is not that  2000s version, it's the 90s type, the one that fits with oversized blazers and equally chunky golden earrings. I know, I know, super exciting. Ever the brands like Prada introduced their versions, although I'm still not sure what I think about their padded headband. I'm happy that headbands came back for two reasons a) I used to love wearing them in couple of stages in my life and b) they do hold your hair in place quite nicely. And a little tip for styling them, try not to pull your hair in place with a headband, instead make it all sleek and nice and then put a headband on top. That's what all the girls on Instagram are doing, so it must be the way. 😂 I got mine at the drugstore, which is always a safe bet, or you can try one of those stores that sell hair accessories.

Vintage blouse
Zaful skirt
Furla bag
Asos shoes
Gucci sunglasses
Six earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
I don't remember where the coat is from, probably Zaful or Rosegal