We all know fashion is always so much fun, but in reality nothing freshens up a look (and pulls it together) like a nice hairstyle. Hairstyles also have a tendency to define an era, it's hard to find a soul that doesn't know about the 20s bob, 80s bangs and the late 90s Rachel (yes, the haircut Rachel from Friends had in early seasons). If I had to guess which hairstyle will define this period, I will have to say it's the semi wavy straight cut lob, most of the time present with some sort of an ombre, highlights or a balayage. To be quite honest, I fell in love with this hairstyle so much that I cut my hair shorter last July, after 10 years sans short haircuts. Five of those years were a time for super long hair for me, I even forgot how light your head feels when your hair is shorter. 😅 After the lob experiment, I had another a bit shorter haircut that was also fun, but now when I decided to grow my hair longer again I got some layers (couple of days ago) which inspired me to do a post with my favourite hairstyles for this spring. They will be for different hair lengths, although I was only able to show one of those hairstyles in the photos, because, well one can only have one hairstyle at the time. 

The lob

Like I mentioned, I love the straight cut lob. If you are thinking about getting one, I highly recommend it! Last time I cut my hair from long to short (ten years ago) I was not happy with an outcome at all, mainly because I wasn't happy with the hairstyle I asked for. The time I got the lob (last year) was amazing, I loved it so much, especially with the existing balayage I had. That's also a tip for you, add some highlights or lowlights to your lob, it will make it even more special.

Sharp layers

Sharp layered hair is what I have now, I took these photos a day after my haircut, I'm really happy with the result. I used to think they are a bit outdated, but with the whole 90s thing going on, maybe we can expect their return in full swing. With the hair length. I have now they look really cute and will also look nice when my hair grows longer. 

Invisible layers

This is one of those hairstyles you can't guess someone had, but you can notice something beautiful is going on with their hair. Without a doubt they look the best with long hair and add a certain dimension to it. I used to have straight cut super long hair before and in always felt like it needs something. That something is these layers, they make long hair come to life. 

Pixie cut

And the last one is a pixi cut, probably the only version of super short hair I really like. Somehow, pixi cut is always trending, at least some version of it. If you want to see some serious pixi cut goals, google Natalie Portman pixi cut. She looks like a Goddess with this hairstyle. I feel like with a pixi cut you need to go to a seriously good hairdresser to get a great pixi cut and it does require a lot of maintenance, but if you have a face for it it's definitely worth it.

P. S. I found some similar items to those I'm wearing here, they are all below. My pants are in houndstooth pattern, but women plaid pants are also a great option.