What's your favourite makeup look to wear? Do you prefer simpler looks or more elaborate ones like smokey eyes or dark eye shadows in general? I guess I like the ancient rule of either making your eyes or lips pop, but even when I wear a bolder lip colour I like to wear liquid eyeliner. Probably it's all a thing of a habit, once you get into a certain makeup routine and look it's hard to switch back. A thing I used to do couple of years ago, is to apply black eyeliner on my waterline. I did it almost everyday and it was kind of my signature look. I felt like my makeup is totally out of sorts when I didn't use a pencil liner on the waterline. I stopped doing it for the couple of reasons, one of them was that I thought it got on my contacts (it probably did) and it also made my eyes look smaller. Although I do have big eyes and they can handle a bit of darker eye liners or shadows.

 In these past couple of days I've been playing around with shadows a bit and what I've realized is that while black smokey eye is great on lighter eyes, blue and green especially, if you are like me and have very dark eyes, black can look harsh for everyday looks. So I tried this version with brown shadows and I think it looks great. One of my favourite palettes is still Urban Decay's NAKED I. Honestly, I think out of all the NAKED palettes it has the most versatile colours. Two shadows I love the most are the two I used for this look as well, Hustle and Toasted. As you can see I only hit the pan with Toasted, that's how much I love it. Hustle is a really nice deep brown, but Toasted is a rich lighter brown with a hint of gold and burgundy.  Next to the NAKED shades I've used a Catrice Eyeshadow in Wild Ginger which I applied before the shimmery shadows from the palette. The secret to a beautiful smokey eye is smudging darker shadows or pencil eyeliner close to the lash line or into the lash line, after that you don't always need to use a liquid eyeliner. I didn't have the pencil liner with me so I smudged the shadows and used my favourite liquid eyeliner ever, Bourjois Liner Pinceau in Noir Beaux-Arts with a coat of Bourjois Volume reveal mascara in Radiant black.