First time I got a vintage bag was five years ago (time flew by so fast, I don't even want to think about it 😅) and it was because I loved vintage clothes and already had some pieces and a bag sounded like a good idea. I still love it, it's in a great condition and the leather looks amazing. It's not this bag in the photos, in case you were wondering. When you are searching for vintage bags that's what you need to look for, amazing condition and great leather. That way the bag will last you a long time and you'll get a lot of use out of it. If you are thinking about getting a vintage bag yourself and are still not sure, here are some of my reasons why I love buying and wearing them.

Antidote to fast fashion

Fast fashion is becoming a serious issue, among other things it's dangering the Planet and its ecosystem. I'm not gonna pretend I don't buy fast fashion items, we all do sometimes, but a lot of my items are also vintage, thrifted or inherited (thank you Mom for always having a great sense of style 😂). Even the items I get are not really fast fashion to me, yesterday I wore a Zara blouse I've had for eleven years. That's basically my philosophy, to get a lot of use out of your stuff and to reuse vintage items as often as you can. 

They don't make them like that anymore

How many times have you heard this about all sorts of things, same goes for bags and clothing. In my experience vintage bags are most of the time made with great leather, but you do have to search a bit to find the one that is in perfect condition. Nowadays it's super easy to shop for all sorts of vintage items, in one of my previous posts I mentioned some of the places where you can find them. In my opinion it is so much better to get a good quality vintage bag that will last you for ages, instead of getting a trendy bag in the cheaper material that will start falling apart after a year.

No one will have the same bag

OK, with the market for vintage items getting bigger there is a chance someone will have the same bag, still it's extremely rare. Most of the time you'll find truly unique models, like the bag I'm wearing here, which is a Coach model from the 90s. If you are a kind of person that doesn't like walking into a room where five other girls are carrying a same bag, this one is for you.

You'll give it a new life

Isn't it fun to think about your bag having a life before you. Maybe it's even older than you, which also sounds like a Twilight zone episode plot a little bit. You know that feeling when your friend wants to get rid of something and you can't believe they don't want to use or wear it anymore. I don't like the phrase ''one woman's trash is another woman's tresure'', yet that's exactly what that feeling is. We all know this, so why don't put that fact to good use and repurpose all those ''unwanted'' bags and give them a new life.

Vintage Coach bag
Vintage Levi's jeans
Calliope sweater
Accessorize headscarf
Asos hoop earrings
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage and Tiffany necklaces
Vintage and Ti Sento rings