Beauty favourites are back. Inspired by all the pink stuff I had in my makeup bag. 😂 This time I have a new night cream in the mix, which is super strange since I haven't changed my night cream in ages. My favourite night cream of all times is Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse and because I didn't find it in drugstores recently I decided to get Moisturizing sorbet from Caudalie. Technically, this is not a night cream, it's more like an all purpose moisturizer. I've been using it at nights only and so far I've really liked it. It's very light so maybe it won't suit you if you have dry skin. Second favourite is also a cream, new Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost night cream. Nuxe eye creams are also amazing and I've been using the old Creme Prodigieuse for years. If you want to find out more, you can read my latest eye creams post

When it comes to makeup, I also tried couple of new bits, but the only thing I've been constantly wearing this month is actually an old favourite, Catrice Blush box in Glistening pink. This colour looks so natural on me and it even has a bit of shimmer in it which makes it super natural on the cheeks. I've been into natural blushes lately and when you apply it with a light hand and a soft blush brush you get the nicest results. I use this Real Techniques blush brush, which is also an old favourite. Normally I like body lotions that have a light smell, but when I travel I bring any smaller tube of body lotion I have. These smaller perfume body lotions come in handy and I used this one from Jimmy Choo a lot this month. Scent is maybe a bit stronger than I would like, so you can't wear other stronger perfumes with it. 

Last set of favourites is accessories related, first of all these cute black hair clips. I have the same set in white, they are all form Zenner and believe it or not, I found them at the drugstore. Hair clips trend is right up my alley and I've been enjoying wearing these a lot. Second one is also hair related and it's this schrungie from Tally Weijl. I don't really wear it outside, only when I'm washing my face or something like that, still it looks so cute on and elevates your pony tail or a bun. Last one are these sunglasses from A. J. Morgan I got on Asos. Hair clips go so well with 90s sunglasses so I've been wearing these sunglasses a lot lately.