Back when I got this cardigan (in 2010. I think) it used to be "popular" to wear it with a tank top, jeans and sneakers. That was the outfit to wear and if you added a headband you were set with the look that was on point. Looking back I still would wear that, but it somehow seems too simple and plain. Even with the headband. I guess outfits these days are just more elaborate. Of course, you could still wear the outfit in question today and you wouldn't look weird. Mainstream style changes relatively slowly and after 10 years or so it's still not that weird to wear it. Put on a 50s dress and there's a massive difference, but people are wearing retro styles these days as well so anything goes.

For a while I didn't really wear cardigans, not that I had something against them, it just seemed like jackets or loose knit sweaters went better with my outfits. Until I remembered I had this one, which is a cardigan that was with me on so many wonderful occasions like my first trip to San Francisco and my 18th birthday. This cardigan and I go way back. Like I mentioned in one of my posts, I love getting a lot of wear out of things. The only time when I get rid of something is when I don't actually wear it that much and then I give it away to other people, or when a clothing item is in such a bad shape that I have to throw it away. I believe that anything comes back in style so I keep all of my clothes for the same reason. Since I started wearing this cardigan again I discovered a couple of super cute outfits and will share some of them with you. This is the first one and honestly I didn't come up with it on my own. I saw it on Pinterest and Instagram before and decided to give it a go. I think it looks nice and is a good way to wear cardigans you have more often. Only thing is this works for cardigans that have buttons, so you can turn them into ''blouses''. Also, make sure your neck line is not too deep when you button down the cardigan, mine is on the verge of being to deep. The best ones are solid cardigans, where the whole thing is in the same knit, this one isn't, the bottom part is more ruffly. But I tuck it in my high waisted pants anyways so you can barely see it.

Stradivarius cardigan (super old)
H&M pants
Zara earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Ti Sento bracelet