How amazing is the fact that this December is so warm we can still wear dresses! Especially long sleeved dresses, which look so pretty and are season appropriate. Although there are great options for more wintry dresses as well, light fabric ones are still great for holiday parties and similar occasions. I actually have some ready for my New Year's lookbooks that are coming up next week! Until then here's a ruffle dress I ordered recently.Not so sure whether I'm a huge fan of ruffle dresses or not. I know it sounds strange considering I'm wearing one in this post and probably in more than a couple posts in this blog. The thing is I like the certain type of ruffle dresses. If they are too ruffly it's a no go. Couple of ruffles here and there are fine, especially if the cut of the dress is allowing it. You probably noticed how some dresses look great with ruffles while some would be better off without them.

As I always say when styling more ''elaborate'' items (so to speak 😂) the way to go is to pair them with simpler items. This will almost always work and look chic and elegant. Maybe only in a case where your ruffle dress (same goes for blouses and other items with ruffles as well) is super simple you can add some pattern or more accessories to the outfit. Like I said, dresses with many ruffles, including the one I'm wearing here, might not always be my first option, but I do think they are a nice change from time to time, in those moments when you want to wear something more interesting and less casual.

Yoins dress
Yoins cardigan
Zara boots
Gucci bag
Ray-ban sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage earrings