For the first New Year's lookbook this year I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of the biggest trends from 2019., headbands. I'm really surprised how fast this trend has spread, yet again in the time of Internet and social media things do tend to spread a lot faster. Personally I love all of the hair trends and headbands are just the best. They keep your hair in place and look so good on, most of them remind me of 90s style hair, but in this newest reincarnation headbands are getting even bigger and more elaborate. I'm not sure I would wear those super big headbands (I guess you never know, but I think I wouldn't), still the braided velvety ones do look gorgeous. I added this red velvet headband to the New Year's look because I think it's so festive and a nice holiday accessory. You could also wear this or a similar headband with more festive holiday looks like Christmas jumpers and sequin dresses.

Every year in my New Year's lookbooks I try to show a variety of outfits, from more formal to casual options. This time we are starting with a more formal option, a simple black slip dress. I've actually had this dress for quite a while and I've worn it more than a couple of times, I like how it looks simple and elegant in the same time. Besides being a trend and a hair accessory, the headband gives the festive touch to the whole outfit, without it the dress would still look great, it just wouldn't be the New Year's look I had in mind.      

Zaful headband
H&M dress
Asos shoes
Vintage and Ti Sento rings

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