Ankle boots are the prettiest boots in my opinion. They look good with everything, even cropped pants, which is impossible for knee high boots. Well, maybe I love over the knee boots as much as I love ankle boots, but they go well with different outfits. As trends and styles are changing so are the types and models of ankle boots. At the beginning of 2010s biker boots and boots with zippers at unusual and more usual places were all the rage. Back then I got really into ankle boots with a reasonable heel and I got a pair of Topshop Mightly leather zip boots. You can see them here, they'll probably remind you of a pair you had or have seen on the streets. I wore these boots to death, I wore them literally everyday. Although a fit was a bit wider and I have narrow feet, they were bread and butter of my everyday outfits. Now when I think about it they weren't extremely comfortable, I mean they were for a boot with a heel, but you know what I mean it wasn't like I was wearing sneakers. Which is a trend that also came later. 

Right now other ankle boot trends are popular, like cowboy boots that are not really my cup of tea. Then, we have 90s inspired footwear, which I love! Like every recent fashion decade 90s had many styles and trends that coexisted simultaneously and 90s minimalism with clean lines and simple cuts was one of them. That's when square toe shoes came into the picture. Although it's not a thing I miss the most from the 90s fashion, I do love a nice structured boot. Actually, when I ordered these boots I didn't realize they will be this square toed. But I still like them and they are super sturdy and very comfortable. Even my sister who shakes her head at almost all the 90s trends I like approved these boots. 😂

Asos boots
Zara shirt
H&M pants
Vintage Coach bag
Biljana Tipsarević scarf
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Random hairclips (including a one I had since I was 12 😅)
Saint Laurent sunglasses