You can never have too many sneakers outfits, right? Wrong, I've been wearing them for the last week and I'm slowly getting tired of it. 😂 I've actually hurt my foot last Sunday and since then I've been only wearing sneakers, this pair especially because it's my most comfortable one. I never thought I would miss boots so much, hopefully I will be back in them next week. Since I've been rotating all of my outfits around these sneakers I though it would be nice to try an all neutral outfit with white sneakers. I've had these pants for a while but haven't been wearing them a lot and I do really like them.Great thing is that the weather has been so nice that you can get away with sneakers outfits only, paired with a coat.

I just realized that I also wore my last neutral outfit with this bag, like I always say you do need do 'break'' down a completely monochrome outfit with some details in other colours. Here I did it with a bag and a belt. Hope you are all having a great weekend, one more outfit with sneakers is coming up on Monday and tomorrow I'll do a beauty post to try and get back into a routine of posting beauty posts every Sunday. ❤


GAP turtleneck
H&M pants
Asos belt
Zara coat
Nike sneakers
Alexander Wang bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings