Don't you just love sunny days when it's supposed to be winter and all cold and gloomy. Any day when you can wear sunglasses for real is amazing in my book. 😂 This time I thought to go with this simple look of a turtleneck (well, almost) sweater with a wool jacket because you can wear this type of outfits only when the winter is really warm. Any jeans that are not super skinny will go with the look, shorter leg ones are the best because you can pair them well with ankle boots. Speaking about the boots, these are actually my new favourite pair of ankle boots, but more about them in the next fashion post. I think I like them because they are a bit taller than all the other ankle boots I have so they look super cute with jeans that have a shorter leg.

I think I haven't worn this bag here for a while, it's my vintage Coach bag I got couple of years ago on Etsy. I love this bag so much, the girl who sold it to me even draw hearts on Is when she was handwriting the address so I kept that box and I still have it. To be quite honest fast fashion is starting to scare me a bit, so much clothes gets thrown away or just left in the closet after just one wear, I'm starting to appreciate my vintage items more and more. Don't get me wrong, I do also get fast fashion items but I try to get a lot of wear out of them or to pass them on when I don't.

Zara jeans
Erdem for H&M jacket
H&M sweater
Asos boots
Vintage coach bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage silver earrings