Few days ago my friend asked me how often do I go to a beautician and I just stood there confused because going to a beautician hasn't crossed my mind since I was in high school. I have my beauty routine so well figured out by now that it feels like going to someone else would somehow throw it out of balance. Maybe it sounds crazy but I've been taking care of my own skin for such a long time and by know I know it so well. So here are some of my tips I've learned over the years that will make your skin beautiful and healthy at all times.

Double cleansing

I never fail to mention how double cleansing is a way to go. What I like to do is first remove my makeup (right now with a micellar water) and then double cleanse. First time will remove all the makeup residue and the second one dirt and oil. Of course, you should keep some oil left on the skin, it's the best way to keep it naturally hydrated after all, still if you use gentle cleansers they won't disturb skin's natural oil balance.


Nothing clogs your pores like dead skin cells mixed with all the product you are applying on top. Because that is what will happen if you don't exfoliate frequently. I used to love mechanical peelings when I was younger, now I know they are not so great for the skin especially if the beads in them are more rough than gentle. Right now I love Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution and I use it once or twice a week. I would avoid it only if you have super sensitive skin, otherwise you'll be fine.

Clay masks & co

Once my college friend told me she saw a video where a girl recommended using clay masks everyday. This was a shocking information to me, I always think less is more with skincare but there indeed is something about clay masks. Just don't use them too often, two or three times a week is enough. Again, you need some of the natural oils in your skin left. Also, remove the mask the minute is starts hardening. Don't leave it on for ages while it feels super tight and weird. I used to do this (like we all have) until I read an advice from a dermatologist who said it's not such a good idea. Based on your skin needs incorporate other masks into your routine and keep to your mask schedule.

No liquid foundation

I know, I know, this is not a advice everyone would like to take. Just hear me out. My skin never looks better than when I'm only wearing mineral powder foundation. There's just no ingredients in it that will clog your pores make you break out and then make you wear heavier foundation so the cycle continues. Sure, there are many alternatives out there that are better for the skin and even have skincare like properties, but trust me, nothing beats wearing light mineral foundation only or going completely bare faced. 

Don't skip your serum

All the things that are lacking in your moisturizer can be found in a great serum. I usually use a mattifying moisturizer with and SPF so my serum is actually doing the hydrating part. Serums are also supposed to penetrate deeper into the skin and make it plump and fresh.