Cropped jeans do look the best when they are flared or a bit wider at least. These are neither so I guess they fall into the category of skinny cropped jeans. Going with the logic that cropped jeans look the best with flats, loafers especially, I decided to pair them with the pair of flats I like. I'm also not able to wear heels yet since I injured my toes, but let me tell you not even all flats are comfortable when you've sprained your toes. These are too tight so they are definitely not comfortable flats. 😂 But they do look good with cropped jeans.

Other type of outfit you might have noticed around Pinterest or Instagram is the one with cropped jeans and sweaters. Maybe not the most practical one, since it's cold for cropped jeans when it's sweater weather, but like I mentioned in probably almost every single fashion post I did lately, there's a lot you can get away wearing while the winter is this warm.  

Vintage sweater
H&M jeans
Zara coat
Michael Kors bag
Gucci sunglasses
Vintage earrings