First post this month. I love March since it's the month when the spring starts and spring is maybe my favourite season. Although there's something beautiful in every season. My birthday is in April and all of the people I get along the best with were born in the spring so I guess it makes sense I love it. This winter was unusually warm so I used a perfume I would never use during the ''real'' winter, Diptyque Philosykos. When I got it I looked at it as a summer scent only, it does smell like fig leaves after all. The opposite are these two skincare product I included here. They would both be to harsh for sunny weather. First is the Vichy Idéalia peeling which I've been loving for a while. It's a night treatment you can use as a toner or on its own. I use it once a week and apply it alone or under my serum. Talking about serums, the other skincare product I mentioned is Bioderma Sébium serum. It's a gentle peel for combination to oily skin that also works as a night treatment. 

Other beauty bits here are all makeup. Which is unusual since I rarely switch up my regular makeup favourites I use everyday. It all started when I got this highlighter from Beauty bay. I shopped on the site before but I've never tried stuff from their own line. This is their Gelée glow multi use highlighter in the shade Sunbeam Surprise. I don't normally go for yellowish highlighters, but this one looks gorgeous on. It's more liquidy than creamy actualy so it goes on very smothly. Recently I aslo remembered how much I loved L'Oreal mascaras so when I run out of mascara I got Volume million lashes, which was my go to mascara for years. I still love it just the same, it makes my lashes look amazing. Last is also an eye makeup favourite that I mentioned on the blog before, MAC eyeliner in the shade Teddy, the prettiest brown eyeliner colour ever. It has just enough shimmer in it, but is not to shinny or sparkly.