Crazy things are happening right now and there are so many different phenomena to discuss and analyze, but today I'll keep it mainly about fashion. Of course, everything on this Planet is connected so we can't really think about it as a single phenomenon just existing there, but you know what I mean, I won't go too deeply into other areas in this post. Weather you are one of those people who think this virus is a terrible tragedy that's going to change us forever, or you are among the others who think it's the best thing that ever happened, you are probably aware that life did change. And I don't mean just our life as individuals (that one is pretty obvious), life on this Earth of ours is changing. Paradoxically, to us it seams like a huge deal, but think about it. Everything is changing all the time, nothing is ever the same. That's the point of evolution and life after all. I'm always a big optimist no matter what so I think this period is going to bring us into a world we look with different eyes at least, if not the different world. Again, nothing revolutionary here, every experience changes us. As human beings we are able to adapt to change, that is a main reason why we are still living and evolving on this Planet.

 And the Planet itself is this glorious thing that tries to keep the balance of all of its living beings. In the past couple of centuries we've been exploiting it too much without a lot of thinking. Some people have been raising concerns about all the issues that have been damaging the ecosystem we live in and fast fashion is one of those things. I always admire garments from the past and not even from that long ago, some of my Mum's clothes from the 80s is so well made and durable. I love that kind of items, you can still find clothes like those today of course, but trends change so fast so new clothes replaces the old one so fast. I'm not saying we should all completely stop buying fast fashion, it's a huge part of an industry that provides jobs for many people, but we can make sure to wear the clothes we already have and mix it with new items. For me that fine balance between vintage and new items is something I've been loving for years, if not decades. When you think about it you are now probably at home, not getting new clothes, wearing what you already have and being completely fine with it. OK, maybe you ordered some new stuff online, still you see my point. Now when regular stores are closed we are pretty much fine with it, living our lives. I love the fact we are combining outfits with the items we already have, it's so much more creative then what we would be doing right now if things were ''normal'', shopping for new spring dresses and planning which bathing suits to get for the summer. Well, I might get one new floral dress online and wear it on my birthday, it is spring after all. 😂