Some of the photos I took at the end of last year, with one of my favorite denim jackets. 
I love wearing denim jackets and they are not really something you'll wear during colder winter months, although you can pull it off during rare warmer winter days. These ''shearling'' denim jackets, on the other hand, can keep you warm and create nice wintry looks unless it's snowing or freezing. I got this one because it looks so pretty with high waisted pants (or jeans if you are doing that denim on denim look) and dresses. If you've watched Gilmore girls you probably remember Lorelai and Rory both had similar jackets. I always wandered what kind of weather they had in Stars Hollow to be able to wear such jackets during the whole winter. 😆

Bershka jacket
Vintage pants
GAP turtleneck
Mona bag
Asos boots
Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
Asos earrings