One sparkly look because it's Orthodox Christmas Eve. 😍 I got this bag couple of days ago and I really like the shape which is similar to a silhouette of a 90s baguette bag. The bag itself is a great example of upcycling in fashion, the top part and a handle are made out of zippers. Recycling in a world of fashion is often being criticized, since most of the recycled clothing items end up in landfills anyways, instead of being properly recycled and made into something else.
On the other hand, upcycling is a process in which items are directly made into new items and there are many brands like Re/Done making whole collections out of previously used garments. When I first heard about it, upcycling sounded a little silly, but now it makes so much sense, especially with so many new clothing items being produced every day around the World.

Zara bodysuit

H&M pants

Zlatara Stefanovic earrings

Katarina Zlajic bag