One of my favourite types of dresses are these 90s inspired button up styles. I remember when I got this exact one couple of years ago, it was my first dress of the kind and I loved the fit. Can't believe I'm still wearing it and doing another post with it. Since then I got couple of really pretty 90s vintage dresses, that are actually from the era and I still wear this one the most. I guess I just like the way it fits, the waist looks so good. Back when I got the dress I remember feeling like it was a beginning of the comeback for 80s and 90s fashion and it turns out it was true, by the next summer so many styles from those eras appeared again and they are also popular right now.

That summer when I got the dress I wore it with similar vintage looking items (which is definitely the best way to style pieces inspired by previous fashion), but now I'll just wear the dress with literally anything since all of the other pieces I wear everyday (like bags and sunglasses) are already 90s inspired. I got these sunglasses in May, I've been looking for a similar pair for so long, one that's not to small or too big and heavy either. These are maybe my favourite sunglasses right now, I wear them pretty much every day.

Zaful dress
Mona bag
Polo hat
Mona bag
Chimi sunglasses