One of my favorite trends right now is all these dresses inspired by 60s and 70s fashion. Some only resemble those eras in print, others both in prints and cut, like this one I'm wearing here. Most of the dresses I've seen that follow under the trend have 70s inspired prints and patterns on them (which I love!), but they come in contemporary cuts. Nothing wrong with that, I also have a 70s print dress with an unusual cut (and will probably post that one on the blog as well), I just think it's fun to see how a whole dress can be transferred from one era to another. 

When I got this dress I wasn't sure weather the print is inspired by the 70s or the 60s, it's a fine line after all, so I did some research and found similar prints in 60s dresses. This is the time when patterns like these started appearing and were so different than usual 50s and early 60s fabrics which included florals, stripes, polka dots and similar patterns. 60s were more about experimenting with new cuts and prints, it's when mini skirt and A line dresses were introduced after all. By the end of then era and closer to the 70s these new ''psychedelic'' fabrics started appearing and they are having a comeback right now. 

Mango dress

Pull&bear sandals

Mona bag

Chimi sunglasses