Here are some photos with this outfit I took at the beginning of autumn and never posted, but it was so cute so I had to.  I love this kind of transitional summer to autumn looks with shorts or skirts and tights. This exact pair of shorts can go with almost everything and I also wear it for summer and spring outfits. The whole look had a kid of vintagy vibe which I like and this blazer is actually vintage as well as blouse and shorts. Back when I took the photos I just got these earrings (I think it was on that actual day) and I've been wearing them a lot since.  The bag is the only thing I don't wear as much, I do think it's super pretty but the chain fits kind of weird on my shoulder and keeps falling off. 

Vintage shirt, shorts and blazer
Chimi sunglasses 
Panić earrings
Mango boots