A while ago I did a post about upcycling featuring this beautiful upcycled bag. Here I'm wearing a pair of recycled earrings, which is a similar thing but not quite the same. Upcycled items are basically just turned into something else without any form of processing, while recycling always includes some kind of dismantling for the original item. Today bigger fashion brands do tend to go with a lot of greenwashing and they claim everything is recycled, from cotton to polyester. So I guess recycling has become sort of an overly used term in the industry. These earrings are made out of recycled steel and zinc. I thought they are really cute and somewhat of a statement piece (how we used to call similar jewelry back in the day) so that's why I got them, but it does make sense to make such items with recycled materials.

H&M earrings
Vintage sweater
Vintage Levi's jeans