Honestly, I think this is one of my biggest style struggles. I'm not hugely into trends still I do like getting some trendy pieces form time to time, while boho is (besides vintage and retro pieces) one of my favorite style influences. I just feel boho fashion looks so good and effortlessly chic, but sometimes it can be overwhelming if you wear it head to toe. It comes as a paradox that boho infiltrates itself the best into sporty athleisure type of looks, especially when you wear them for yoga or pilates. Although, vanilla pilates looks are also taking over and they are cute if you are into that style. The trick when you want to combine boho and trendy pieces is, like always, to only incorporate couple (or even one) of each. Here I wore just this one boho thing, a bag, I was so excited when I got it since it was maybe the first thing I bought in an actual store after the period of lockdown online shopping. Wide leg pants were such a big trend right after lockdown as well, my Mom gave me these and I'm not sure where they are from, she bought them online I think. Another trendy piece was this T-Shirt and I paired everything with these sandals I got in 2014., please don't say they are cheugy because I love them so much. 😆

Accessorize bag

Zara sandals

My Mom gave me these pants, not sure where are they from

T-Shirt is a kids shirt I got at a supermarket 😀

Ray-Ban sunglasses