One of my favorite coats right now, a green wool wrap coat. It's not snowing yet where I live, these are also photos from last year. What I realized when I got this coat is how much I love wrap coats. I had a black wrap coat before and that one is still amazing and I wear it a lot, but when I got the second one I realized how great of a silhouette they create and how practical they are. This green one is a bit thicker so I wear it when it's colder and the fabric is great, even better than the material my black coat is made of. Honesty, with the rise of quite questionable coat fabrics I didn't expect to find such a nice wool blend in a wrap coat. What I like about these type of coats is that they just give you that warm felling, it's like you are wrapped up in a cozy cocoon. And they look so chic, what's not to like. 😀

Mango coat
Lindex jeans
Mona bag
Ray-ban sunglasses