One makeup trend I've been loving lately is 90s inspired smokey eye. You've probably seen it lately in makeup tutorials or, even better, in old beauty editorials and fashion magazines. What I love about this type of makeup is that it's all matte but not flat, since there are colors involved, still they are pretty simple and calm.  My favorite one in the ''Kate Moss'' makeup aka grey smokey eye. I've been meaning to recreate this look for a while so I tried to find eyeshadow that will match that 90s shade the best. Surely there are many shades for that, the one I found is Kiko Smart Colour Eyeshadow in shade 24 Metallic Night Blue. This is the perfect gray bluish color when you apply in on the eyelids. I would even say it looks grey without the blue tint when you apply it with a light hand. My tip would be to first use an eyeshadow primer and then get the lids super matte with a powder foundation or neutral eyeshadow. 90s looks weren't so big on eyeliner and I did use some liquid liner here since I really love it, you can do a thinner line or skip eyeliner altogether. Cheek colors back then were also very matte so I used my new Rose inc. Cream blush Cheek&Lip color in Hibiscus and I skipped the highlighter.