For the last week or so I was looking for an oversized shirt similar to this one to wear with shorts and skirts for summer, I have a white cotton oversized shirt from my "I'll wear a white shirt over a bikini'' phase from like ten years ago but back then shirts had those buttons on the sleeves so you can secure the sleeve when you roll it up and now those buttons are giving me the ick. It's not so much the buttons, you can always just cut them off, it's those stringy things you use over the rolled up sleeve to attach it to the button. Anyways, I went thrifting for a bit but didn't find the shirt I wanted and I stopped thinking about it and then I saw this store I like was having a sale and so many male shirts were on there, including this one. I also tried one of those blue cotton shirts and decided I want a linen one more. My tip is to always get male shirts for this oversized shirt look, since women's shirts tend to be more tight or even shorter which is fine if you want that look, I prefer the oversized silhouette. 

Mona man shirt
Urban Revivo skort
Pull&Bear sandals
Mona bag 
Chimi shunglasses