I have to admit that I was indecisive about getting a Clarisonic for a long time. Sure, everybody in ''beauty community'' has been raving about it for yeas and seems like everybody has and uses one. For me, it was a tough decision because a) I don't believe in miracle gadgets that will transform your skin over night and
 b) some people had bad reviews on it saying that it irritated their skin or caused allergy like breakouts. Also, I thought using it frequently may be overwhelming for the skin, and if I'm not gonna use it often why buy it (it is a bit pricey for something you won't use much). On top off all that I think that the biggest reason why I didn't buy it sooner is that I don't like changing my skin care routine if it's working well for me. Why fix it if it's not broken, right? All that aside, I finally decided to get one, and when I did Clairasonic Mia 2 was out so I bought it (I'm probably the only person who wanted the white one, I don't know, I think that's the prettiest colour for Clarisonic). It comes with brush head for sensitive skin (gray Mia 2comes with normal brush head) and I've been using that one, when I replaced my brush I didn't buy one for oily skin because I felt that sensitive brush cleans my face well enough. Mia 2 has a timer so it will turn itself off after one minute and will beep to let you know when to switch to another area of the face. It also has two speeds: universal and delicate. I have to say, after using it for a while, I can't live without my Clarisonic. It's not to harsh on the skin and I use it twice a day. My skin looks and feels so much better, it's so smooth and clean that makeup just glides on. Blackheads on my nose are almost all gone and pores are smaller. At the end of a day when I take my makeup off there are no traces of it and I'm sure my face is clean and ready for applying serum and moisturiser. My complexion looks better too. Mia 2 comes with sample size cleanser, but I haven't tried it because I'm using my everyday cleanser. It charges with their pLink charger which attaches to the handle thanks to the magnet in it. You should charge it for 18 hours which will give you 10 days of use if you use it twice a day (or 20 days when used once a day).