We've all been there, the night or a day before an important event and you don't look amazing as you would like. All those months of not working out and eating junk food are showing up and not catching sun light and being pale as a paper isn't helping. Whether it's a busy schedule or just being lazy that kept you from toning your body, there is a solution. Last minute pampering was always my expertize even if it doesn't seem possible to shape your body in just a day, it can be done.
Most important is scrubbing. Sounds simple, but exfoliated skin looks twice better than not exfoliated. Use the method that works the best for you, I like scrubbing glove for heavy scrubbing and luffa sponge for ''touch ups'', just be sure not to over do it, too much exfoliating is also no good. Next thing is moisturizing, be quite generous with body lotion, I like to use Nivea's Body Souffle, it's thicker than a lotion I would use every day. I apply it the night before the event and leave it over night, it's too tick to wear it during the day but it will feed the skin over night. If you have the time, couple days before the event start applying anti cellulite and body firming treatments. I know these are pretty controversial (like everything these days), in my experience they will shape your body in short time, that effect is short term too, but it will do the job and make you look god for that special occasion. Venus Cellu-tech trattamento Urto anticellulite is the product I've been experimenting with, you get the 8 bags inside and you can use them twice. I like to use the whole bag at once and I use one at night one in the morning for four days (bare in mind this is my regime for super important events). Sometimes I will use it only at night. At the same time I apply Collistar Crema rassodante intensiva (Intensive firming cream) at my stomach. The day before I will use St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. The little bit of tan can do miracles, it makes your skin look healthier and all the flaws less visible. Don't get me wrong, I love pale gothic look, but on me it looks more like sick zombie apocalypse survivor pale than gothic goddess. It is extremely important to exfoliate and moisturize before using self tanner, but like I said in the beginning of the post I do that the day before. On some occasions I will apply self tanner before I go to bed, but that is if the event I'm getting ready for is in the morning. Leave the self tanner for at least eight hours and than you can wash it off. I like to use St. Tropez mousse because you can see it while applying (it's brown) and it gives you lovely tan. Before you get dressed use some light body lotion. That is pretty much it, and remember, if anything else fails, just relax, have a good time and rely on your sense of humor. Works every time.