If you are a fellow vintage lover this is right up your alley. I love searching for vintage clothes and I equally love searching for second hand items. You can find amazing stuff among clothes from previous eras, and it's a great feeling to wear a piece of history. Also, vintage items are usually better quality than the clothes that's made today so you can buy real silk shirt for less money than a synthetic shirt form Zara. Here are some of  my latest finds.
For some time I've been searching for a nice pair of flared jeans. I like wearing them over my mid heel boots and with a shirt tucked in. I found a pair at H&M, but they didn't look nice on me, and weren't deep enough for my taste. Imagine the thrill when I found this vintage Levi's 517. I think they are from the late seventies, judging by the small letters in red tag on the back pocket (older models have capital letters). The jeans quality is amazing, older denim is thicker and heavier than denim today. They are deep enough and hug my hips like no other jeans I have. When it comes to older jeans, you do need to break them in, I heard tips about washing the jeans, putting them on and letting them dry on your body so they will fit perfectly. I haven't tried that, I just wear them normally and after couple of wears they fit just right.
I wanted this type of silk, eighties shirt since I saw Bono wearing similar one in U2's video for Where the streets have no name (yes, I am that lame). I finally found it, and I love wearing shirts like this with skinny jeans and my Minnetonkas or ballet flats. Excuse shirt's unironed look, lets say it's like that on purpose and not that I am too lazy to iron. Shirt is made from 100 % silk, the material feels really nice and light. It has shell buttons which I like, they look so nice.
The shoes were actually my mom's, from the eighties, but she forgot she had them, found them recently and gave them to me. I love shoes like this, every time I see them they remind me of Kathleen Turner's shoes from Romancing the Stone (yes, I have pop culture reference for everything). Anyways, what I like the most about them is this heel, look how cute it is! Leather is also quite nice and soft. They will look great with boyfriend jeans and plain, white shirt or with summer dresses for more elegant looks. I even have some eighties dressed that would look amazing with them (I probably said amazing hundred times in this post, I love vintage that much).