When it comes to ''made from the things you have in your kitchen'' masks I am indecisive. Face masks can be pretty amazing, but with hair ones I had not so pleasant experiences. Once I tried conditioner and cinnamon mask that is supposed to make your hair lighter and give you natural highlights. I ended up rinsing chunks of cinnamon from my hair for the next week. Maybe I haven't found the right mask yet, but for now on I will keep away from hair masks. On the other hand I've been using homemade face masks for years and I always like to try a new one. Good thing about them is that they are all natural, and beauty treatment that is chemicals free can't be a bad thing. These are my old trusty homemade face ''treatments''.
Apple mask
This one is pretty simple. You'll need one smaller apple or a half of bigger one. Peel the apple (sometimes there are chemicals in the skin) and then grate it with a cheese grater (the smaller the wholes on the grater the easier it will be to apply the mask). Then just put the grated apple all over your face. I suggest laying down while mask works, small pieces of apple may fell off when it starts to dry. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This mask is amazing for oily skin, it will balance the sebum so your skin won't be supper oily but it won't get dry. Apple is also great treatment for acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Egg white mask
You will need one egg white for this mask, separate the yolk form the white. Whisk the white, but just until it gets a bit foamy. Apply it on the face by carefully massaging it on. Leave it until it starts feeling tight and wash it off with water. Besides the obvious tightening effect, this mask also has blotting effect, egg white draws out oil from the pores.
Lemon and sugar scrub
I found out about this one from Kandee Johnson, Youtube beauty guru, couple of years ago and decided to give it a go. I've been using it since, once or twice a week. You need half a lemon, sugar and cotton pads. Squeeze the lemon juice on the cotton pad and add sugar over it. Scrub your face with the pad until you feel it's smooth. You can add more sugar if you need to. If you have sensitive skin mix the lemon juice with water. I even used orange juice when I ran out of lemons. This scrub will make your skin soft, smooth and silky. Lemon juice helps lightening acne scars or pigmentation and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.
Cucumber slices
I think pretty much everybody knows about this, but I love using them so I decided to include them as well. I recommend peeling the cucumber first (again, because of the chemicals in the skin) and then slicing two medium thick slices. Put them on your eyes, lay down and wait for 10-15 minutes. You can leave them on longer, but it gets pretty boring laying down with cucumber slices covering your eyes. When you take them off the skin around the eyes will be refreshed and dark circles less visible.