For some time I've been using these products as a part of my morning skin care routine (some as a part of night time routine as well) and I am pretty happy with all of them and the whole routine. My skin is quite oily, so I have to find the right balance of moisturizing and cleaning so I won't suffocate the skin with too much product or, on the other hand, strip it and over dry it. I said in one of my posts that I went through different skin care phases, from drying it with alcohol based products to moisturising like crazy (and then, naturally breaking out like crazy). Now I think I got it just right and none of these products ever broke me out or irritated my skin. Thanks to them my skin is at its best. I already wrote about all of them (accept of Caudalie grape water) so I won't go into reviews, I will put links to the posts where I wrote about them. Maybe some of you will wonder about this so I decided to put it out there, it's about using products of different brands in the routine. Some say you should use all products of the same brand because they ''complemaint'' each other, but after years of testing and using all the products from one brand in routine and not doing so I find that it doesn't really matter that much. Honestly, I think it's more of a marketing trick then a real thing and I believe you should use the best product for the job, no matter which brand it is. So lets go into the routine.
Every morning I wash my face with Alpha H Triple action cleanser and my Clarisonic. I apply the cleanser on damp face and then use the Clarisonic like it says in the instruction, 20 seconds on my forehead, 20 on my nose and chin, and 10 on each cheek. I dry my face with towel and then I use Clarins toning lotion (for oily skin, the green one). This is a bigger bottle so it has a pump, I put two to three pumps on a cotton pad and wipe over my whole face. After that I spray Caudalie Grape water on my face and I wait for it to dry before applying moisturizer. It contains grape water extracted from, you guessed, grapes and it does a wonderful job in hydrating my skin before I even apply moisturizer. You can actually use this as a toner, but I prefer to use it this way. Without it my skin isn't that well hydrated and radiant. Next is moisturizing so I apply Murad Oil control moisturizer which is truly an amazing product. It does hydrate and mattifies in the same time. My new favourite eye cream is Clinique All about eyes and I apply eye cream last. After that I leave my skin to soak up all the moisturizer before I start doing my makeup, for 20 minutes or so, and during that time I usually have breakfast or work on my computer. Like I said this routine has been amazing for my skin and I don't want to change it any time soon, but I love to test new products so any change in the future is possible.