You can find some really good hair masks at drugstore. In my opinion if you use them often (like I do) it pays off to buy drugstore hair masks.
 It's better to use cheap mask every other day than expensive one once a week. At least it does the work for my hair. 
Every hair is different and of course reacts differently to any product so choosing a hair mask depends more on personal preference. 
My favourite is L'Oreal Paris Elseve (also called Elvive in some countries, it's the same thing) Re-Nutrition Replenishing Masque. Main ingredient in Re-Nutrition line is royal jelly. 
I have to say this is the best drugstore hair mask I've ever tried. It makes my hair soft, shiny and easy to detangle.
Consistency is pretty thick so you can apply it generously on the whole hair, but it isn't too heavy, you can wash it out easily.
It also smells incredible and the scent will stay on your hair after you wash the mask out.
Even after you dry and style your hair the scent will still be there, and that is not the case with all hair masks, drugstore or high end.