Today when every brand is making BB creams it might be tough to find the right one. They come in different types and forms, at all price ranges. 
As I mentioned in other posts, Garniner Miracle Skin Perfector for combination to oily skin is my favourite. Before this version was out I tried original version of Garnier BB cream. That was in those innocent times when we didn't know about BB, CC and DD creams and when Garnier BB commercial was all the rage among beauty lovers and product junkies. That commercial was so good (nice one Garnier marketing team) that it actually made me try the cream without any research. 
I remember I heard this wasn't the product for oily skin, fact that didn't stop me from rushing into nearest drugstore. After I smelled it I had to buy it, even if the texture was a little bit suspicious (that gal in the commercial was so happy while writing BB all over the place, so for sure I will be equally excited while wearing it). 
As it usually goes, TV commercial and real life are two different things and the firs time I used the cream I knew it was not meant to happen. It made my pores look huge, after couple of hours my skin was oily and the cream was practically melting off my face. No blotting could save the mess happening on my face. 
The lesson here is that original Garnier BB cream is not for oily skin! I did use it on other people with dry and normal skin and it worked for them, it's quite moisturizing and lasts very long on those skin types. 
This disappointment didn't stop me from getting the one for oily skin when it came out. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical but I still gave it a go. It turned out to be my favourite BB cream. 
Texture is super light and it will give you medium coverage. You could play a bit and give it another layer for full coverage, but if you are going to blot with powder one layer will do. 
My skin looks flawless when I use it and it gives you quite a nice base for the rest of the makeup. During the day my face will get a bit oily and if I don't blot it will look natural and dewy. If I do add some powder it won't be cakey, just flawless again. 
This cream will stay on your face until you take it off. It never broke me out or made my skin dry (it has alcohol in it, so some people may be concerned about that). I will definitely always buy this BB cream, it works the best for my oily skin. It's something between light compact powder I use every day and heavy coverage foundation, for those occasions when I want flawless face without heavier makeup.