As someone who likes reading about  beauty tips and tricks over the time I've read all sort of stuff, some of it helpful, some of it a bit disturbing (for example blood facial, or sperm facial) and the rest of tips that go into ''urban legends'' category. Like toothpaste drying out your pimples or getting the most amazing highlights with lemon. Again, every time I read a tip I want to try it, and I want for it to work. These are some of unusual tips and tricks that I run across recently, I tried some of it and plan on trying the rest soon.
Shaving with baby oil
OK, I have to say this one literally changed my life. I read about it online, and I have to admit was quite sceptical  (come on, shaving with oil sounds messy and pore clogging) but I still gave it a shot and was amazed with results. My skin was so soft and you don't get closer shave than this one. Bottom line, shaving with baby oil is amazing, just make sure to use shower gel after shaving to get rid of excess oil.
Washing your hair with conditioner (so called co-washing)
Apparently this is the new big thing in beauty hacks department. I found out about co-washing on Viviannadoesmakeup and was intrigued by the whole story. However, I haven't tried it yet, something tells me that my greasy hair and co-washing won't get along. We will see when I find time to try it, I guess when I am on deserted island with no people around to see my messy co-washed hair.
Boar bristle brush will fight frizzy hair
This brush is made from hog hairs (I know, hog hair, who would've thought?) and is supposed to turn your hair into styled, sleek and fizz free perfection. Problem with these brushes is that they are expensive (does Mason Pearson ring a bell?). For a while I've been planing to get one (purely for experimental reasons in the field of beauty science, of course).
Purple eyeliner makes every eye colour pop
Legend has it, instead of black or brown eyeliner you should use dark purple, no one will notice it's purple from the distance but your eyes will be more prominent.
Tweeze your brows straight and dark circles will be less visible
Arched brows together with dark circles create an effect of full circle and that emphasizes under eye circles. This one is true, whenever my brows were arched I look tired. So tweeze those brows straight.
Blow drying after applying dry shampoo
For added volume on day old hair you need all help you can get. Just spray dry shampoo on the roots and then blow dry them with round brush and you're set.
Use a spoon to reduce puffiness
It goes like this: pop tea spoon in the fridge for couple of minutes and hold it over the eyes (I guess you need two spoons?). This one sounds promising, but I never do this because I use eye cooling masks or cucumber slices for the same job.
Have you tried some of these tips and are there some others unusual beauty tricks worth trying?