How many times did your favourite lipstick (you've spent a decent time applying) smudged or just disappeared from your lips? 
It used to happen to me all the time and that was only because I didn't really think about setting the lipstick or preparing my lips before I apply it. 
Over the time I've learnt tips and tricks about making my lipstick last a lot longer. Of course, when you eat and drink your lipstick will fade a bit but if you take these steps it will still stay on the lips so you can touch it up and make it look amazing again. 
Maybe it seems time consuming to do all this, but if you do a simple eye look (which I usually wear with strong lip) it won't take that much time to do your whole makeup.

1) Use a lip scrub. Scrubbing your lips is important, because lipstick won't look nice or stay long on chapped lips. Best thing is to use it the night before, but you can use it right before applying lipstick just make sure to give the lips some time to calm before you use the lipstick.

2) Apply a lip balm before lipstick. You should keep your lips moisturized all the time,  if your lips are smooth lipstick will glide on perfectly and look nicer. After your lips soak up the balm it's time for the next step.

3) Line your lips. I don't use lip liner all the time (I never got into the habit of doing it) only when I want my lipstick to last super long. I first line my lips and then I also paint them with the liner, another layer under the lipstick will make it almost impossible to smudge.

4) Use a lipstick brush for touch ups. If you want that perfect lip, best way to even everything out is using a lipstick brush. Make sure it's a synthetic brush because its easier to clean and better to use with cream products.

5) Blot it with a tissue. You probably heard this one before, after the first layer of lipstick you blot the lips using a tissue and then apply the second layer. 

6) Set the lipstick. There are two methods I use. First one is using a powder. Split the tissue into the layers  and press one layer gently over the lips then dab a powder over the tissue using a kabuki brush. 
I use Artdeco Fixing powder and Sephora Kabuki brush. If you feel brave you can dab powder over your lips without a tissue just use a light hand while doing it. 
Other method is using a lipstick sealing product, like Lipstick Sealer form Model in a bottle. I talked about it in this post if you want to read more.

7) Use a matte lipstick. This is maybe cheating a bit, but matte lipsticks last so much longer. MAC matte finish lipsticks are great, they last super long.

8) Don't forget to touch up. It's normal for your lipstick to smudge a little when you are eating or drinking. Make sure to check from time to time to see if everything is in place and to add a bit of lipstick. If you are wearing a matte lipstick be super careful because adding too much colour can make your lipstick look cakey.