You might be wondering what in the world is masks schedule? It's a schedule that helps you remember which mask to use on which day. And believe me, it come in handy to have one.
If you keep buying face masks all the time they might pile up and go bad when you don't use them up.
It might be hard to remember all the masks you have and to use them regularly, let's face it, you have other things in life to worry about rather than counting your masks.
Best case scenario is that you'll switch between two or three masks and use them every time you feel like you need a bit of pampering. Rest will lay alone in your beauty cabinet. 
My solution is the masks schedule. It's quite simple, you write all the days in the week and which mask you will use on each day. 
That way you won't have to worry about unused products and you can make a perfect balance between hydrating, matifying and peeling masks/treatments. 
You don't have to make fancy schedule you'll print out, I just write mine on a post it and stick it somewhere where I can easily see it (otherwise I'll most likely forget to use a mask for that day). 
Usually above my computer desk so it can remind me to apply a mask and leave it on while I'm working on my computer. 
Make sure not to use the same type of mask two days in a row, that is other purposes of having a mask schedule, you can plan to use matifying mask one day and then a peeling mask the next day, etc. 
I do use Balea Enzym peel day after Alpha H treatment, that is because Balea mask is quite gentle. I wouldn't follow with a heavy duty scrub a day after Alpha H.
Here is an example of my schedule to help you in creating your own.
P.S. Bare in mind I adjusted it to my own skin, it might be too much for some people to use masks everyday, create your own that works for your skin the best.

Monday: Oriflame Optimals Nutri calm face mask
Tuesday: Garnier Pure active 3 in 1 wash scrub & mask
Wednesday: Alpha H Liquid gold
Thursday: Balea Enzym peeling mask
Friday: One of the clay masks Freeman lemon&mint or Oriflame Tomato clay or Oriflame Swedish SPA Purifying mask, I switch between them and use a different one each week.
Saturday: Burt's bees Citrus facial scrub
Sunday: Alpha H Liquid gold
Once a month: Chamomile steam (post about it coming soon)