Always wondered what will give you glowy and deawy cheeks with natural hue of color?
 Benefit Coralista is one solution, but it will still look a bit matte. For absolute deawy/blushy cheeks you can use cream blush. NYX cream blushes are my favourite. 
They have really nice structure, are pigmented just enough and you can apply them using fingers. Any highlighter goes well with cream blushes and together they create the perfect deawy look. 
Only thing you need to know is that cream blushes don't last as long as powder ones, I sometimes blot them with translucent powder but that still won't make them as long lasting as powder ones. 
You could use a cream blush as a base for powder blush and that way you'll make the powder blush last longer. 
Boho chic is the most natural light pink shade, perfect for both day and night looks.