June is here, and that means two things: summer is approaching super fast and it's time for may favourites. 
Now, let's leave the cheesy intro alone and go into products I've used the most last month.

L'Oreal Elseve (Elvive) Re-nutrition Nourishing conditioner-I've mentioned how much I love Re-nutrition mask, so it's surprising I've never tried the conditioner from the same line before. The conditioner is not as good as mask, still it's pretty amazing conditioner.

Just Cavalli Her Body lotion-This lotion has been in my beauty cabinet for a while, but I didn't use it before. This month I almost used it up. It smells quite fresh and summery without it being a typical summer scent (like for example coconut or mango). It's very hydrating and it has wonderful texture, I never used a body lotion with texture this good.

Dove Original Spray deodorant-Another all time favourite becoming monthly favourite. Of all deodorant types I love spay ones the most and Dove makes the best spray deodorants known to me. I like to try out different scents they have, but from time to time I'll go back to original scent, if you ever tried any Dove product with this scent you'll know why. It's so simple and calming and in the same time elegant and powdery (yes, I can't describe scents for the life of me). This deodorant keeps me smell free between the showers and is alcohol free. I didn't notice it leaving any stains on the clothes which is always a plus.

Garnier Pure Active Anti spot wash with vegetable charcoal-My skin's been acting out a bit lately and this face wash is what I use when I want to get my skin under control.  It works every time.

NYX HD Photogenic concealer in Green-Skint that's acting out and red spots go hand in hand, so I was using a lot of this concealer to cover all the redness. You have to use it with pretty light hand though, or it will look greenish on the skin.

Warm Palette from Coastal Scents-I did almost all my makeup looks last month using this palette. It has the most amazing neutral colours, I couldn't stop mixing and matching them.

Red nail polish-After a long period of not wearing red nail polish I painted my nails red and I remembered how much I loved it, especially on my toes. I tried so many different red nail polishes that I don't have one favourite, but I am supper excited about trying Maybelline Super stay gel nail in Passionate red because I've never tried their gel colours before.