As an art history student naturally I read the most about artists and art just before my exams. This time I was exploring the work of Yves Klein who fascinated me long before I even started college. At the same time, while flicking through the pages of July issue of British Vogue I noticed an article about the most amazing shade of blue (in my humble opinion) that he himself made after long period of experimentation with different shades of blue. 
And this shade of blue probably looks familiar to you, how can it not be, it seems like everyone is wearing it. This made me thinking about how much art actually effects fashion. And not in the way how art of one era effects the fashion of the same period, that's only natural and well known fact. I was fascinated by different phenomenon: how the art from the pasts inspires contemporary fashion. 
We are all aware of baroque craze that was started by Gianni Versace and then reborn by Dolce & Gabbana few years ago. Nowadays it seems like baroque inspired clothing is everywhere. You can't help but notice that some elements of the trend even found their way into minimalistic fashion. Black and gold just changed their form, instead of lace and crosses they are shaped into bold cut skirts and chunky asymmetrical jewelry. It's all about details. 
More on the minimalistic side is dressing from head to toe in one colour. In that case colour has to be magnificent or the result won't be that amazing. And what colour is better than the one discovered by Yves Klein himself? If the artist is using just one colour you can be sure that colour is truly something. Designers sending blue outfits down the runway are only confirming that.  Even people who probably didn't even hear of him are wearing this colour because they sense its energy and beauty. The trend spread rapidly, this shade of blue is appearing in more and more store windows.
Bond between fashion and art is undeniable. Art is nowadays the main inspiration for new fashion trends, and that is a well known fact. But what makes one trend so popular that it spreads like wild fire becoming more popular than all the others? 
That happened to two completely different trends. One is inspired by rich (some may say tacky) art of baroque period, the other by just one shade of blue. People probably recognise universal beauty and tend to stick with it. Or they just find joy in things that look familiar. In any case it's nice to see art from the past having its renaissance in the present even in a completely different form.