When you hear the word oils you probably think of your normal cooking oils like olive or sunflower oil. The truth is I've always known other oils existed but I ignored that fact and was honestly too preoccupied with other stuff to explore oils. The thing is I can't just try something without researching it and knowing all the facts. I think we all became like that in this era when you can find anything online. And naturally, that kind of research takes time. At the end of the summer I spontaneously started to buying all kind of oils. First on my list was coconut oil because I've read wonderful things about it and the rest of the oils followed. Here I'll write about the oils I've tried so far, I plan to try many more in the future!

Coconut oil This oil smells and tastes like heaven! I'll always repurchase it and try to have it in my cupboard at all times. I bought it mainly because the whole beauty community was raving about it. People were using it for all sort of purposes and one of them was as deodorant. Sadly, it didn't work like deodorant for me, I tried it one day when I was staying at home (for obvious reasons) and I ended up smelling not so nice. I do sweat a lot so maybe if you sweat less it will work for you. For all other uses I will give it an A+, I use it for my hair as a hair mask before I wash it, around my eyes as an eye cream and on my body as a moisturizer (I apply it before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning, my skin is too oily to use it during the day). You can also use it for cooking, sometimes I use it in my salads and I drink my morning coffee with one table spoon of this oil. The taste is incredible! I highly recommend trying this oil, it might be one of my favourite oils.

Tea tree oil If you struggle with acne or problematic skin you've probably heard about this one before. I never had acne, but in my teen years I would get an occasional break out (and I still do) so I used a lot of products that contained tea tree oil. However, I've never used it in its pure form until now. I am very glad I did, it does wonders for my skin. If I have a pimple I just apply oil directly on it before I go to bed and it will help it to calm down and go on its own before getting larger or red. I also mix it with a clay mask and use it on my whole face from time to time to prevent any breakouts. Just be sure not to swallow it, this oil is for external use only, it is toxic if you take it internally.

Oregano oil I've shared my love for oregano tea on this blog before, same goes for oregano oil. It's nature's strongest antibiotic and it also fights viruses. It helps your body fight infections and prevents you from getting sick. My immunity was very low at the end of the summer so I was drinking this oil for a whole month to prevent any infections. The oil is really strong, so if you are drinking it for prevention, drink one drop of oil in one glass of water every day. And if you are already sick you can have two drops in one glass of water. It takes a while to get used to the taste, I find it's the best to drink it with water that's very cold, that way it tastes better. You have to make breaks when you are using oregano oil and drink it every other month. It might be too much for your body if you drink it all the time, oregano oil prevents the body from using the iron from the food you take.

Castor oil You probably heard of this oil before, or at least seen it in cartoons. Here I will not write about its use for constipation, because I've never tried it for that purpose. I've only used externally on my skin and hair. For the hair it works wonders, it will make your hair shinny and healthy in no time. I use it the same way I use coconut oil, I apply it the hair before I wash it and leave it on as long as I can. If you can leave it on overnight (put a plastic bag over your head so you won't get the oil all over your pillowcase). On the other hand this oil didn't work for my skin. Long time ago I've read you should apply Castor oil with couple of drops of tea tree oil all over your face if you want to moisturise your oily face and to wash it off after half an hour. This made me break out like crazy! I definitely wouldn't recommend applying it to your face if you have oily skin.

St. John's wort oil Another incredible oil you can use both internally and externally. It does wonders with sunburn, rashes and eczema. I didn't test it myself for those uses, I rarely get sunburn and summer was already over when I bought it and I don't have eczema, but I've read other people's reviews and they all said it worked for those skin issues. I used it only as a moisturiser on my face and after waxing to prevent ingrown hair (I did that spontaneously and it worked). You can also take this oil internally and like St. John's worth tea it will calm your nerves and help with mild forms of depression. I didn't try it this way, but I often drink the tea and it does help me relax a lot. If you are taking any antidepressants or if you are on birth control you shouldn't take it internally.

Flax seed oil Healthier substitute for sunflower oil for salads and cold dishes. It contains omega 3 fatty acid and lovers cholesterol levels in your blood. Taste is something different, it takes a while to get used to it, especially if you use it in dishes you used to make with some other oil, you can definitely taste the difference. After a while you'll get used to it. However, not everyone should use this oil, if you are pregnant or have diabetes it's better not to use it.

I plan on trying other oils in the future, I feel like it pays off to use oils instead of other products that are full of chemicals. After all, oils are the most natural products you can find on the market.