There are so many micellar waters out there, it looks like every brand has a micellar water right now.
A while ago I saw this one from Nivea and I decided to try it. 
It is perfume and parabens free, and you can use it on both face and eyes. On the packaging it says you can apply your face cream right after you used this micellar water to cleanse your face, you don't need to wash your face. My skincare routine is a bit different, I always wash my face after I remove my makeup with micellar water. 
If you read my blog often you probably noticed I love Bioderma micellar water, but it's expensive and if you are on a budget there are a variety of micellar waters to choose from. 
I wrote a post about Garnier micellar water being the best dupe for Bioderma but until then many more brands produced their own versions. 
This one is also really nice. It looks like your normal micellar water, it has no smell and is quite refreshing on the face. It does remove makeup well, you do need to cleanse with it twice, but I cleanse twice with any micellar water because I do like to wear a lot of makeup. I find that most of micellar waters are a bit sticky and leave a residue, that's the case with this one as well, it's not that bad, if you wash your face after you've used it you'll get rid of all the residue.
Packaging is very practical, the cap on my Garnier micellar water broke after a while and this one is pretty sturdy. 
Only thing is that it's the half the Garnier size, which is not a bad thing if you are traveling, I took it with me to my holiday this year and it is very easy to pack.