The mornings without coffee are just not the same. Sometimes I even go to bed looking forward to my morning cup (I now, it sounds a bit sad). I like to have my coffee as soon as I am up, not going to the coffee place after I leave the house. 
If you are the same like me then you are also the master of your own coffee. You decide how to make it and how to spice it up. And the most bizarre coffee drinking habits are emerging. Yes, I am referring to the butter in your coffee and similar ideas. If you haven't heard of it, butter coffee aka bulletproof coffee is the next biggest coffee thing after organic beans. 
It's pretty simple you put butter in your drink (not any kind, it has to be unsalted grass-feed butter) and supposedly it will make you super energized and awake longer than your normal cup. 
Taste is also nice, like the foamy latte. Although I haven't tried the bulletproof coffee it made me think about all the ''unusual'' ingredients I use in my coffee, here's the list, try them out for adding something a bit different to your regular cup. 
I didn't include things like cream, caramel, etc. because they are pretty well known and most of the people use them everyday. 

Cinnamon I love the taste of coffee with milk and cinnamon. It's so nice and wintry. Also, it's supper simple, just add some cinnamon in powder to your coffee or if you prefer cinnamon sticks grade a tinny bit directly to your cup. I didn't try adding it in coffee without milk, but I'm sure it will taste great!

Coconut oil Another favourite, it tastes good in both tea and coffee. I put a half of table spoon in one cup of coffee, more can be too overwhelming. Wait until the coffee cools a little until you add the oil, it tastes the best that way.

Almond milk If you don't like the taste of regular milk, or just want to try something different in that department, almond milk is an excellent choice. You get the feeling of coffee with milk with slightly different, almondy taste.

Cocoa Add one tea spoon of cocoa in powder or a small piece of chocolate to create an unique choco-coffee blend. 

Ice cream Mix your favourite ice cream flavour with your favourite type of coffee. It's a win-win situation. Just be sure not to use too much ice cream, one or two tea spoons will be enough, otherwise the taste of ice cream would be the dominant one.