Which coat length do you prefer? I'm not sure, sometimes I like long coats the best, sometimes the short ones. With the expansion of over the knee boots I think shorter coats gained a lot of popularity. We all know over the knee boots and long coats don't go perfectly well together. At last to me a silhouette with over the knee boots and that type of a coat doesn't look as chic. The point is to get the best out of every piece of clothing and shorter coat and longer boots do that to each other. Every year when I start wearing long coats again, I somehow see an episode of Gossip Girl and Blair and Serena running around in those amazing short military coats, which makes me wanna wear them again. You might not remember this (or you do if you are an avid fan of the show like me), but back then over the knee boots started appearing in some of Serena's outfits, long before they became popular. 

On that note I wanted to get a shorter coat this year. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty on nice shorter coats, but not a single short navy military coat. A coat similar to this one. I wasn't kidding when I said I am an avid fan. For the best outfits you can wear it with over the knee boots, but it looks amazing with everything. Here I paired it with my oversized sweater dress from Zara, I just had to get this dress, it's so warm and cozy. I've had these boots for years so I'm a bit afraid that if something happened to them, I will never find over the knee boots I like as much again. But until them I'll wear them and have my fun with over the knee outfits.

Mona coat
Zara boots
Zara sweater
Vintage Gucci bag
Ti Sento ring
Skagen watch