Hope that you are having the best holiday season ever! And you can't do it without perfect makeup. Just kidding, you can totally have the best time ever and wear zero makeup, especially during the holidays. But there's just something about holiday makeup, all the sparkles, glitters and red lips, that makes it so much fun. It starts around the end of November (or October these last couple of years 😂) when brands announce their Christmas collections and they all seem so festive and fun! If you love makeup you just can't do without buy at least one piece of holidays inspired makeup. These were my favourites this year. 

I believe that you just can not have a perfect face makeup without natural looking blush and gorgeous highlighter. This year, I found them both in Sephora's Winter Queen palette. I wore it probably every day since I got it, so for two months straight and I used the darker blush and the highlighter the most, although lighter blush and the contour shade also look gorgeous on. The second item I wore every day since I got it is my NYX Ultimate palette in Sugar High. I usually pick a palette around the beginning of December and I wear it throughout the Holidays and in the past couple of years it was Urban Decay's Naked 1 palette so this year was a little bit different, but I enjoyed the NYX palette so much. It's super fun to wear and very festive! Shades in the last row are so sparkly, you can dab them on top of any eyeshadow and make it shinny and festive in one second. 

Lip look I go for during the holidays is red, of course, and as you had a chance to see in my December favourites  Kat Von D Underage red was my lipstick of choice. Sometimes I would pair it with a lip liner and I loved Sephora Lip liner to go in Classic Red. I like to throw the lipstick and lip liner I'm wearing that day in my bag for retouches and this lip liner is perfect because it's small so I can wear it in my tiniest cross body bags as well. Honorable mention goes to Too Faced Melted matte lipstick in Gingerbread man. This is a limited edition Christmas shade and I didn't wear it as much (I was wearing red lips pretty much every day), but I think it's the most christmassy lip product you can find. The last thing is a scent, I also didn't use it as much this year because I had two new perfumes I was testing, still I just love the smell of Dolce&Gabbana The One in Autumn and Winter. It makes me so happy and serene.