Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate today! Hope that you are having the best day with your family and friends. On the festive note, I have this outfit with sparkly fabrics. Who else has also wondered whether you can wear lame in real life? If you don't know what lame is, it's a type of knit with sparkly fibers in it. This is a though question to answer, because lame goes out of fashion and comes back pretty often, the last time it had its peak was during the 90s. I'm not normally a fan of sparkly stuff (I even like my jewelry plain without any rhinestones or any similar shinny things), but I knew this set will arrive around the holidays and I thought it was a fun idea to wear it during this season. I also have one other lame dress (black with silver shinny fibers) and I do wear it often this time of the year.

This here is actually a co-ord (how cool is that!) which made me want it even more. I was thinking I can always wear a top with jeans for a fun but casual look, or even pair a skirt with a simpler blouse. And of course, wearing them both together also looks great! In case you can't see this is actually navy fabric with blue sparkly fibers. On the sleeves and collar it has pink and golden stripes with golden fibers. This set has a 90s vibe to it, it even made me go and buy couple of those large 90s plastic hair clips. I seriously went out and bought them today, after two days of wearing this set. 😂
This lame is also not overwhelmingly shiny so you can wear it IRL (in real life) and not look too shiny and super festive. 
Again, hope that you are having the best Christmas ever, I celebrate it on the 7th of January, but I'll still go and watch the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, that is kind of a little tradition of my own. 

Metisu co-ord
Stradivarius shoes
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings
Skagen watch
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Ti Sento rings