Recently I started posting more on my Instagram stories, I never did it before because I was not sure weather you'll find it interesting, but then I figured you can always ignore them if you don't like them. 😂 In one of the polls I posted I asked if you wanted to see my DIY vitamin E mask recipe. Most of those who saw it voted yes so here it is. Vitamin E is such a great addition to your skincare routine, it doesn't only prevent wrinkles and fine lines, it also fights acne. A number of scientific studies proved that the lack of vitamin E in the skin makes sebum more prone to create acne. This mask is something I came up with on my own, most of the recipes I saw online consist of squeezing a content of the vitamin E gel pill on your skin directly, but the thing is you never know what kind of a carrier oil is inside. It can be an oil that's comedogenic, or breaks you out, so it kinda defeats the purpose. Here's my recipe so you can also create the perfect vitamin E mask at home.

Only thing that's important is to find a chewable vitamin E so you can mix it with water easily. Also, make sure it's not packed with bad ingredients. Any brand will work. Besides that you'll need a pack of dry, sheet masks. I got mine at DM; one packaging comes with 15 dry sheet masks rolled in little circles. Once you put them in any type of liquid they open up into bigger masks.


two to three vitamin E tablets
one dry sheet mask 
water, one to two table spoons

Putt the vitamin E tablets in a little bit of water and let them dissolve. With time you'll learn how much water your dry sheet mask can soak up, but I'll say it's no more than two table spoons. Alternatively you can crush them and then mix them with water, if you don't want to wait for them to dissolve. Put the mask in the mixture until it soaks it all up. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes, then peel it of and rinse your face. I use it once a week, but you can do it more often, just remember your body will absorb some vitamin E through the skin so make sure not to over do it.