Sometimes during winter we miss out on wearing our favourite items because of the cold or because we don't know how to style them with wintry clothes. The truth is, you can wear most of the items all year long, if you make sure to pair them with warmer items. Sweaters, for example, are great for this. If you add a sweater, you'll not only be warmer, you'll get that woollen texture characteristic for autumny and wintry looks. Culottes are no exception to this ''rule''. Here I paired mine with a flowy sweater, I don't normally tend to put beige and beige together, but I liked the combination a lot so I couldn't resist.

Other ''isue'' you might have are the shoes. Culottes require delicate shoes and can't really be worn with bulky winter boots. Here the day was warm so I didn't have a problem with wearing these shoes, but if the weather is not so nice, ankle boots are your best friend. Not only do they look so pretty with culottes, they are also warm and comfortable. And also very chic. If you want to keep that bare leg look, and it's to cold to actually go with bare legs, put on a pair of transparent tights under your culottes. They are warm, they are practical, and nobody will know.

Vipme sweater
Vintage culottes
Asos shoes
Michael Kors bag
Vintage earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings