Going back to simpler outfits. Great thing about fashion is that you always have so many options. You can dress elegant one day and super casual the other and no one will ever say a thing. They will even probably do the same. Not that it matters what others think, only you. And I'm pretty sure you enjoy dressing casually from time to time. There's a reason casual Friday was invited. Or maybe it was because people were going out on Friday night so it was easier to go to work in the casual outfits so you can go out straight after work? I'm not sure, but casual outfits shouldn't be underestimated. Especially today when they are pretty much fashion mainstream, going neck and neck with glam outfits. I've always been in the middle, since I was a kid when I would dress super girly one day and tomboyish the other, as I already wrote here on the blog. I'm still the same which you can tell judging by my posts. 

Casual dressing is great for those days when you just want to be comfortable, or when you are busy and you need your outfit to be practical. One of the combinations I really like that has been popular in the past couple of years is matching duster coats and sneakers. First of all, duster coats! How pretty are they! I got this one at Zara last year and I just love how it looks in relaxed outfits, especially with sneakers. Although I did wear it with more elegant outfits, but I think you'll get the best out of similar coats in casual outfits. Sneakers are my latest discovery, unlike with Converse I didn't have Vans sneakers when I was younger and I recently realized how comfortable and wearable they are. I even wore them in the rain (unintentionally, I usually wear rubber boots for the rain) and they kept my feet dry and didn't budge a bit.

H&M sweater
H&M pants
Vans sneakers
Zara coat
Furla bag