Since I've had my Zara floral sandals I've been subconsciously looking for another similar pair with closed toes. My pointy kitten heels (these ones) have actually been a pair I've worn a lot so it made sense to get a similar pair, just in a different colour. So when I saw these I knew they were perfect. I am a huge fan of Sam Edelman shoes, they always have such amazing designs and are comfortable as well. I know, what more can you ask for in a pair of shoes. The embroidery this elaborate is not something I often go for, as you can see in the photos these shoes have both birds and flowers on them, but I quite like it. 

Berets have been an obsession of mine lately, well I guess they have been everybody's obsession. I've never fallen for a trend this hard before, so besides my ''regular'' beret in black I also got them in beige and grey. I can't help it, I like them so much. They somehow tie an entire outfit together and make it more chic. Besides berets I recently got two great pairs of jeans. Both are form H&M, I can see I'm starting to develop a thing for their jeans. These have a regular waist, but it does look like a high waist. And I just love this wash, it's the perfect jeans colour for me. Other pair I got is super skinny and high waisted, I can't wait to post outfits with them as well.

Sam Edelman shoes
Asos beret
H&M jeans
Vintage shirt
Yoins fur jacket
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings