Jewelry was one type of accessory that for sure marked 2018. Not only did the hoop earrings and stacking necklaces make a big comeback, other jewelry like simpler pieces, that are not so much on trend, were also popular. When it comes to 2019. jewelry, we can count on all those trendy ''novelty'' pieces to stay in the spotlight, but my suggestion is to try and find investment pieces that you can wear in years to come. Some of my favourite jewelry are those good quality items that I wear everyday. And when you think about it, it makes much more sense to get a couple of pieces you'll actually wear a lot, instead of buying a bunch of trendy jewelry all the time that you'll almost never wear. It's all in the balance, for sure, I have jewelry that was on trend in the past years as well, still I do wear my non trendy pieces so much more. Here are some suggestions for the types of jewelry I'm sure you'll wear a lot.

A simple bracelet

Since I got this simple, beautiful bracelet from Ti Sento I've never took it off. Only recently I started wearing my watch again, I wore the bracelet on its own for couple of months. Bracelets are for sure taking the place watches had during previous years, only downside is that you can't tell time, but you always have your phone close anyways. 😂 Some people prefer to wear two bracelets, I did try that in the past, but right now I think one bracelets looks the best. Especially if you are like me and have tinny wrists.

Beautiful everyday earrings

Depending on the type of the earrings you prefer, these can be tiny studs, hoops, dainty drop earrings... Hoops and drop earrings are my favourite. Although, I would not really wear hoops like these (that are a bit bigger) everyday, I just put them here for the purpose of photos. The point is, you should find a pair of earrings you can wear everyday, that are light enough and go well with your style and the outfits you prefer. Mine is a pair of smaller hoop earrings, I just think they look good with everything.

A delicate ring

I'm all for chunky and stacked rings as I always mentioned in my previous jewelry posts. Those are the types of rings I prefer most of the time. As the rest of accessories are getting bolder, my prediction is that the delicate rings will become more popular. I usually wear a delicate ring on my left hand and a chunky ring on the right, which is also a good combination. This way you can have best of the both ring worlds. The ring I'm wearing here is just a simple silver ring (that's also not too thin) and I do wear it every single day.

Jules Smith hoop earrings
Ti Sento bracelet
Ti Sento and vintage rings
H&M shirt
Love of queen jeans